Det finns inte längre några webbplatser

“One of the major misconceptions of the modern web is that websites still exist.”, säger Jesper Åström och konstaterar att för många användare är webbplatsen, som en sammanhållen grupp sidor med gemensam navigation och design, betydelselös. De går mellan Google och enskilda sidor.

Google has for many become the real start page of the entire web. They do not go to a website to start their exploration or search endeavors. They go to Google. Then they click what ever link Google presents to them. Naturally, and as you probably allready know. Most of those links presented to you in the search result do not lead to the “start page” of websites. It leads to web pages. […] every page on your website needs to be treated as a “start page” and not only the page that pops up when you type in your domain name.
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