Nya ord

Några oundgängliga nya ord och uttryck från Word Spy:

fridge Googling

“Running an Internet search based on some or all of the contents of one’s fridge, looking for a recipe based on those contents.”


“Reality as defined by a consensus, particularly in a collaborative endeavor such as Wikipedia.”

triple delivery

“In a PowerPoint presentation, having the same text on the screen, on a handout, and spoken aloud.”

mechanical placebo

“A device or object that appears to perform a specific function, but in fact does nothing at all.”

Jag undrar om inte “Stäng dörrarna”-knappen i många hissar har den (icke-)funktionen, de tycks aldrig skynda på dörrstängningen. Skall man tro ryktena gäller det även för grön gubbe-knapparna vid många övergångsställen.

Manilow method

“The discouragement of loitering in public places by broadcasting music that is offensive to young people, particularly the songs of singer Barry Manilow.”

Ibland kan det dock slå fel.


“Relating to a business model that offers basic services free, but charges a premium for advanced or special features.”

cancer refugee

“A person forced to travel to another jurisdiction to find proper cancer care.”

Otäckt relevant för att beskriva hur en del människor tvingats lämna vårdköerna och söka sig till andra delar av landet eller ut i Europa för att få vård.

Gotcha Day

“The anniversary of the day on which a child was adopted.”


“The present geological period, characterised by humanity’s effects on global climate and ecology.”

continuous partial attention

“A state in which most of one’s attention is on a primary task, but where one is also monitoring several background tasks just in case something more important or interesting comes up.”


“Performing one task at a time”

hedonic treadmill

“The tendency for a person’s economic expectations and desires to rise at the same rate as his or her income, resulting in no net gain of satisfaction or happiness.”


“Reading, watching, and listening only to media that reflect one’s own tastes or opinions.”

wrap rage

“Extreme anger caused by product packaging that is difficult to open”

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