8 lär-länkar för tillgänglighet

Ett gäng intressanta länkar för den som vill lära sig mer om tillgänglighet, från Accessify.com

  • Standards Compliant New Windows – Gez Lemon proposes a method for setting a target for opening new windows that does not go in the face of standards; Explains modularisation of XHTML and more – one for the techies!

  • Ten quick tests to check your web site for accessibility – Trenton Moss provides ten simple tips for checking if your web site is accessible.

  • An Introduction to Accessible Web Design – New to this whole thing know as Web Accessibility? Nigel Peck gives an all-round introduction to the issues and what there is in place to help you make your site accessible.

  • Checking your site for accessibility using Opera – There are many ways that you can validate your web pages for accessibility, but many of them rely on your pages already being uploaded to be able to check them. Find out how you can check using just a humble browser.

  • XHTML for beginners – A complete guide to XHTML – everything you could possibly ever want as a beginner, trust us.

  • Better Accessible Forms – This tutorial explains some techniques that will enhance your form’s accessibility, from the simple introduction of the <label> tag to more general usability and layout suggestions.

  • Multiple Input Form Fields – This article offers some methods of dealing with form inputs where you need more than one input field for one piece of data, such as a telephone number, and how to make this both accessible and acceptable to the designer.

  • The perfect pop-up – Pop-up windows are evil, right? Not necessarily! This tutorial shows how you can use pop-ups that work for everyone.

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